Embassy of the Republic of Burundi Washington D.C.


Embassy of the Republic of Burundi Washington D.C.

embassy of the republic of burundi

Washington D.C.

A Bilateral Mission since 1962

About the embassy

Long Lasting Diplomatic Relations

Since 1962

Burundi established diplomatic relations with the United States in 1962. Since that period, the two countries have enjoyed good diplomatic relations. The cooperation between the two countries was further deepened when in 2007 Burundi committed its troops to the AU peacekeeping mission in Somalia (AMISOM) in order to fight against the terrorist group Al Shabab. This decision was triggered by the strong belief held by both Burundi and the United States that global peace can only prevail in a world freed from terrorism.

The Embassy of the Republic of Burundi in Washington DC was established with the aim of strengthening and coordinating the political, economic, military, social and cultural ties between Burundi and the United States. In order to fulfill its mission and carry out its role, the Embassy of the Republic of Burundi in Washington D.C pursues five strategic objectives: